TUDOR, established in 1946, was Hans Wilsdorf’s answer to the growing demand for wristwatches. With a guarantee provided by Rolex, a brand also founded by Wilsdorf, TUDOR was able to make a name for itself and slowly attained its autonomy. Possessing the same standards of reliability as Rolex, TUDOR specialised in models for men and women. At present, the TUDOR brand is symbolised by a shield, an unmistakeable allusion to the brand’s reliability and solidity in the field of watch-making.

In Indonesia, TUDOR, with Time International, has lent its support to the anniversary party of DA MAN magazine for several years now. The brand also launched the TUDOR Heritage Ranger in collaboration with Time International.

TUDOR is available at Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Pacific Place and Tunjungan Plaza 4.
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