TAG Heuer
A partner of Time International since 1989, TAG Heuer has been a premier watchmaker since 1860. With a focus on quality chronographs and ultimate precision, TAG Heuer is committed in creating highly accurate watches and timing instruments which can be used in the world of sports or by any time-conscious individual. The brand won the highly coveted “Petite Aiguile d’Or” Award at the 2010 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève for the Calibre 1887, a re-engineered version of the 1887-patented oscillating pinion, and in 2012 for the Mikrogirder, precise to 5/10,000th of a second. This obsession with keeping time is greatly showcased in TAG Heuer’s sponsorship of the new FIA Formula E Championship, where it also serves as official timekeeper.

TAG Heuer is available at Tunjungan Plaza 4 Surabaya, Indonesia
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