It was in 1860 that Louis-Ulysse Chopard established his watch workshop in Sonvilier, Switzerland. The company was handed down to his son, Paul Louis, who in turn left it to his son Paul André in 1943. It was this third generation Chopard who guaranteed the propagation of the business when in 1963 he found a buyer in Karl Scheufele, who also has roots in watch-making and furthermore, jewellery-making. Today, Chopard is well-known for its intricate watches as well as its beautiful jewellery. Most iconic is its Happy Diamonds watch which features freely moving diamonds in the dial.
Not only a business, Chopard is also a family enterprise, which reflects the various passions of its owners. The brand now has over 140 stores worldwide and more than 1,500 outlets.

Chopard has been with The Time Place since 2003. Available at Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Tunjungan Plaza 4 and Chopard Boutique Plaza Indonesia.
Chopard Timepieces
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